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Breeding canariesCanary is not one hundred years of breeding in cages. A pet canary is very plastic. By changing the conditions of feeding, can be made to change the color of canary feathers.

In their homeland, in the wild, wild canaries breeding season begins in the 2nd half of March. The best time for mating and breeding chicks in our environment - spring (March, April, May). During this period, more daylight hours, and the female can longer feed the chicks. To obtain good progeny should be carefully selected male and female. The male should be large, with an interesting song, beautiful plumage, active. Age - at least 1 year. The female must also possess the appropriate qualities. It is advisable to choose a pair of males in one and a half or two years or even five years, and females - from 11 months to three or four years. On offspring color affect both producers and for voice quality, susceptibility to a song and hearing affects male. It is also necessary to consider when choosing a pair.

Some kanarovodom amateur practice of reducing one male with two or three females and at the same time receive a normal brood, but it requires a lot of experience. A more accessible way to the attention of one male to one female. Before pairing a cell with a male and a female cell placed alongside so that the birds see each other and began to show mutual interest. Males in this period every day for 5-6 days to allow further grain soft food. Increase the intake and females. Ready-to-bird mating put in one cell. First put the male, and in a day or two to him podsazhivayut female. By this time, the male get comfortable with the new situation. Was put to the male the female mates with him quickly, and proceeds to build a nest. From the beginning of mating and nest construction before laying the first egg passes from three to ten days.

Cage for pairing may be normal or slightly higher. The nest can be hung in the corner of the cell from the inside or outside, in a quiet place. In the wild canaries in cup-shaped nest and therefore kanarovodom amateurs make the same shape or artificial nest foundation for a nest, usually made from a clothesline.

To the female could easily build a nest, it is necessary to enclose the cell collected a ball sliced ​​pieces of cotton or linen thread size of 2-3 cm, small scraps of linen or cotton fabric and even shallow well dried hay. Within 6-7 days, the female builds a nest, and then begins to lay eggs. As soon as the first egg is postponed, it is necessary to remove the remaining building material, fill the fresh sand, clean tank of accumulated debris. This is done because sometimes the female continues to build a nest and thus breaks the egg. You can not change the location of the nest, or rearrange the cell after the female laid an egg, and especially after the chick will be completely or brood. If there is in this urgent need, it is necessary to do it very carefully and only at night. There were times when the female leaves the nest to feed the chicks throwing. Laying eggs can last 4-6 days. After the female lays 3-4 eggs, the male was removed from the cell, as a female she may bring up chicks. But you can leave the male, and it will actively assist the female in the hatching and feeding chicks.

The female incubates-Canary chicks 13 days. Males are also taking part in the hatching eggs. At a time when the female leaves to feed, he replaces it. On the 14th day the chicks hatch from eggs. After 3-4 hours after the onset of female chicks start to feed them. They are fed by both parents and chicks from the beak. There are times when the male ruining the nest, throw out the eggs and even chicks. This male is necessary to transplant immediately. The main thing that has always been in the feeders Grain soft food. The female at this time in addition to the cereal mixture is allowed to soft food - mass of mashed boiled eggs with a biscuit.

The flying from the nest Young initially seem clumsy, inept. At 24-28 days after hatching, the deposited by parents, well seek out and eat soft and hard food. Young male canaries in the 35-37-th day after the departure from the nest begin to intone (Twitter). The sound of a young male, deep, prolonged and incessant. "Singing," a young female higher, short and jerky, with large peremolchkami. This period of "singing" in young birds is very short: 10-12 days before molting. During grow more mature, you need to determine the sex of birds. Males usually start Twitter inflating zobik and females emit sound "against-against." Identified male need to transplant, each in a separate cell, and females can be kept together in the same cage. Young males in the age of 5-6 months, start to sing incomplete and immature voice, and by 8-9 months come to a full vote. A good song canary fully consolidated only to the age of two.

Canaries, finches bird family

In nature, a common bird in the Canary Islands, the Azores and Madeira. In the 15th century brought to Europe and domesticated. We derive a lot of ornamental rocks and beautiful singing canaries.

Wild canary (Serinus canaria) - bird of small size (body length of 12-14 cm). The plumage of the male gray-green with dark longitudinal streaks on the abdomen of the greenish-yellow. The plumage of the female dull gray. Indigenous habitats are, apparently, the mountain forests. However, the bird is fully adapted to life in the cultural landscape and settles in gardens, parks, hedgerows, etc. D. The canary in his homeland migratory bird and only in the south leads a sedentary life. It eats mainly small seeds, soft greens and juicy figs. She loves to swim. Bird flies in flocks to the water to drink and bathe, and they strongly moistened plumage. Jacks suit on trees. In laying 3-5 eggs. Female incubates. The male is the whole nesting period usually sits on the ends of branches and singing. Song of the wild canary nice, but poorer and less sonorous than home. Wild forms compared to household do not have such a variety of painting and singing.
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